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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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  Looking to Hire

       Hiring people who have a disability is about more than doing the right thing, it’s also good for business. Community Living supports businesses and employers to hire candidates who have disabilites.

  • Create a job description
    First, prepare a job description outlining the tasks and physical demands of the role.

  • Prepare for the interview
    Focus on the candidates abilities, rather than on their disabilities. Ask job related questions, in order to determine whether their qualifications and skills meet the requirements of the role. Employment Transitions staff pre-screen candidates for you, and can assist with the interview process.

  • Firm up the offer and on-the-job training
    Once you've made a hiring decision, Employment Transitions staff will work with you to finalize the details. We will provide on-the-job training and supports for the successful candidate.

  • Provide necessary aids,equipment,modifications
    In some instances accomodations need to be made. Employment Transitions can help you access both engineering and financial assistance, where needed.

  • Get off on the right foot!
    It's smart to treat workers with disabilites just like other employees. Including them at breaks and in social events. It's also important not to permit two performance standards. Make sure he/she takes full responsibility for their on-the-job contribution.

  • Demonstrate your commitment
    Through actions and words, show your personal commitment to including people with disabilities in your workforce. If you demonstrate support for a new worker with a disability, it's likely others will follow your lead!

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